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We offer something for everyone

Our primary focus is for the kids to have fun while learning the basic concepts of Tang Soo Do. Children learn through games and a structured class how to punch, kick and defend themselves

In our youth and family class students learn in structured setting, the principles  and techniques of Tang Soo Do including: forms, fighting / defense moves, self defense techniques, and the history of the art.

Our Sunday evening sparring classes offer a unique opportunity for students to practice tournament style sparring.

Adult classes focus on the finer aspects of the art and often include non contact and three step sparring  activities.

Special Needs Students

Our instructors tailor our teaching to see that students with special needs are successful. We have students in both our little Tigers program and our the family class that are having fun excelling in fitness, coordination and learning Tang Soo Do. For more information, please feel free to contact us today.

Specialty Classes

Women’s Self Defens

(Focusing on easy to remember techniques)
10 Week Class, TBA
Ages: 16 and up

Teens Intro to Tang Soo Do & Self Defense

(Provides  and Introduction to Tang Soo Do and how the Art is used for self defense)

8 Week Class,

Tuesday and Thursday, TBA
Ages: 12 and up


Little Tiger Class
Tuesday, Wednesday  and Thursday from 6-6:45pm
Ages: 4-8

Youth & Family Class
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 7-8pm
Ages: 8+

Sunday Evening Sparring Class


Ages: 8+

Optional Open Classes
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8-9pm
Ages: 12+