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Specialty classes

Throughout the year we offer specialty classes including: women's only self defense, basic self defense for teens, and adults only classes

Tiger Classes

(Ages 4-8)

Want to get your children into a fun workout program, enroll them today in our Little Tigers program.

Our classes focus on creating discipline, learning the basics of Tang Soo Do and having a ton of fun!

Why wait, have your kids join today and enjoying getting into shape.

Contact us today for your first two free classes!


Self Defense

We show you how everything you learn in class can be used to protect you on the street. Every part of Tang Soo Do teaches you how to defend your self...but more importantly you learn self esteem and confidence. 

We have several instructors that specialize in self defense, teaching you simple and effective ways to protect yourself.

Family / Youth classes

There's strength in numbers. True statement, especially in our Family / youth classes. 

Our classes specialize in offering personalized training in a group environment. Classes are interactive. You learn the requirements of your belt level and then have the opportunity to test your knowledge and skills by practicing controlled sparing and self defense with your classmates.